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Laykold® Cushion Plus: The tennis industry’s premier cushioned hard court surface. The Cushion Plus series are comprised of multiple layers of rubber granules and rubber powder encapsulated within our highly flexible proprietary 100% acrylic binder. The Cushion Plus applications -5 to 7 based on CP series selection - create a uniform shock absorbing pad for more enjoyable, as well as comfortable, play and post-play experiences. Cushion Plus is the only surface in which the court pace can be customized so that players do not lose any performance or fun of play.  The superior force reduction, unsurpassed player safety and comfort,  and court pace customization has made Laykold Cushion Plus the elite player's surface of choice.

Cushion Plus courts can be surfaced with any Laykold color system (ColorCoat, Advantage, Neutral 200, ColorFlex) but the ColorFlex system is recommended due to its superior flexibility and other physical properties.

  • More comfortable play & post play experience.
  • Firm, yet resilient, uniform footing for unsurpassed safety
  • Available in 3 comfort series:  CP, CP Extreme & CP Supreme.
  • Can be adjusted to meet desired court pace.
  • Manufactured in USA by an ISO 9001 certified company.

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